Pre-2019 Sample Retail Food Establishment Inspection Report


 Note: Click on any violation to get a description of the public health significance of that violation.

Violations that are more likely than others to contribute to food contamination or illness

 1. Food Source

a. Approved source
b. Wholesome, free of spoilage
c. Cross-contamination
d. HACCP plan
e. Date Marking
f. Consumer Advisory

 2. Personnel

a. Personnel with infections restricted
b. Wounds properly covered
c. Hands washed as needed
d. Hygienic practices
e. Smoking, eating, drinking
f. Demonstration of Knowledge
g. Preventing food contamination from bare hands

 3. Food Temperature Control

a. Rapidly cool food to 41F or less
b. Rapidly reheat to 165F or greater
d. Required cooking temperature
e. Cold hold at 41F or less
f. Food thermometer
g. Adequate equipment to maintain food temperatures

 4. Sanitization

a. Manual
b. Mechanical
c. In Place

 5. Water / Sewage / Plumbing Systems

a. Safe water source
b. Hot and cold water under pressure
c. Backflow, back siphonage
d. Sewage disposal

 6. Hand Washing Facilities

a. Adequate number, location
b. Accessible
c. Soap and drying devices available

 7. Pest Control

a. Evidence of insects or rodents
b. Pesticide application
c. Animals prohibited

 8. Poisonous or Toxic Items

a. Properly stored
b. Properly labeled
c. Properly used

Food safety practices or facility issues that can contribute to foodborne illness

 9. Food Labeling, Food Protection

a. Original container, properly labeled
b. Food protected from contamination

 10. Equipment Design and Construction

a. Food contact surfaces
b. Non-food contact surfaces
c. Dishwashing facilities

 11. Testing Devices

a. Refrigeration units with thermometers
b. Dishmachine with accurate thermometer/gauge
c. Chemical test kits provided, accessible

 12. Cleaning of Equipment and Utensils

a. Food contact surfaces
b. Non-food contact surfaces
c. Dishwashing operations
d. Wiping clothes

 13. Utensils - Single Service Articles

a. Utensils provided, used, stored
b. Single service articles stored, used
c. No reuse of single service articles

 14. Physical Facilities

a. Plumbing installed/maintained
b.Garbage and refuse
c. Floors, walls, ceilings
d. Lighting
f. Locker rooms
g. Premises maintained
h. Separation of living, laundry
i. Restroom facilities

 15. Other Operations

a. Personnel: authorized, clean clothes, hair restraints
b. Linen properly stored













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